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 How to obtain a Spanish NIE number in Javea 

NIE Numbers For Non-Residents in Javea

A Spanish NIE number (número de identificación de extranjeros) to buy property or land in Javea Spain. This is an identification number for non-residents. If you pay taxes and make a tax declaration here in Spain you will be classed as a fiscal resident .

Information on how to obtain a nie number in Javea,

The following is required:

Photocopy of your passport the Friday before your arrival in Javea.

The same Friday, we would take it to Denia to obtain an appointment for the following week when you are here.

For the appointment, you must take passport size photos and your original passport. we will take you to Denia and translate during the appointment. You are assigned your NIE number on a provisional paper and once the original NIE document is drawn up, our rep will then collect it for you and you can collect it from our office.

We will then have the NIE documentation numbers registered with 'Hacienda' the Spanish treasurer.
Information on obtaining an NIE number in Javea